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Generation One

Author/Publisher/Website: Lore, P.
Copyright: 2017
Evaluation/Record Entry Date: Jan/2019
Submitting suppliers/Website: Not Available
Primary Identifier: 9780062493705
Recommended Grades and Subjects/Courses: 9-10
(View recommended grades and subjects) English Language Arts

Resource Description

Following an invasion of Earth by aliens and a resulting war, a group of teens from all over the world starts to develop supernatural powers known as Legacies. The war, though, has caused suspicion in society and some are hesitant to accept people with Legacies, but the teens learn that there are also people who want to take advantage of their Legacies for their own purposes and they struggle to determine who they can trust. This science fiction novel for grades 9-12, a spin-off from “I am Number Four”, is suitable as a class or literature circle novel and deals with issues of social change, societal division, racism, conflict, outsiders, isolation, and identity. Social considerations noted. Log in to read the full review.