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Braiding Sweetgrass

Author/Publisher/Website: Kimmerer, R. W.
Copyright: 2015
Evaluation/Record Entry Date: Nov/2018
Submitting suppliers/Website: Not Available
Primary Identifier: 9781571313560
Recommended Grades and Subjects/Courses: 11-12
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Resource Description

This engaging and thoughtful resource is Indigenous professor Robin Kimmerer’s personal narrative of her developing relationship with the Earth. Blending her botanical expertise with her cultural knowledge and lessons from the elders, she discusses plants and their cultural significance, focuses on the importance of science, nature, and Indigenous ways of knowing the land, and stresses the importance of a reciprocal relationship between humanity and the Earth to ensure an ecologically sustainable future. Excerpts or chapters can be useful to supplement textbooks in grade 11-12 classrooms. Log in to read the full ERAC review.