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Outsmarting Worry: An Older Kid's Guide to Managing Anxiety

Author/Publisher/Website: Huebner, D.
Copyright: 2017
Evaluation/Record Entry Date: May/2021
Submitting suppliers/Website: Not Available
Primary Identifier: 9781785927829
Recommended Grades and Subjects/Courses: 4-8
(View recommended grades and subjects) Physical and Health Education

Resource Description

A resource designed to help children manage their stress and worries, “Outsmarting Worry” introduces readers to the concepts of fear and anxiety in a relatable and easy-to-understand manner. Written by an award-winning author and clinical psychologist, the book presents multiple strategies to overcome fears and broaden readers’ understanding of anxiety. Suitable for students from Grade 4–8, the resource lends itself to class discussions on identifying and describing feelings of stress and anxiety. Proposed actions can be used with the whole class, in a small group, or with individual students. In the classroom, teachers could use the book to help students learn and explore strategies for navigating stressful situations. Log in to read the full review.