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K-12 Evaluated Resource Collection

Explore the Salish Sea: A Nature Guide for Kids

Author/Publisher/Website: Benedict, A. D.; Gaydos, J. K.
Copyright: 2018
Evaluation/Record Entry Date: May/2021
Submitting suppliers/Website: Not Available
Primary Identifier: 9781632170958
Recommended Grades and Subjects/Courses: 2-7
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Resource Description

This timely and engaging Canadian nature book uses full-colour photos and detailed text to explore the Coast Salish Sea, including its early inhabitants, history, geology, ecology, geography, plants, wildlife, and biology. It highlights the importance of this ecosystem to its living inhabitants and encourages readers to explore sustainability and do their part to protect the Sea. The text and pictures also help students examine how the Coast Salish peoples use, harvest, protect, and care for the Sea and its animals, the adaptation of plants and animals, the effects of water erosion on the shoreline and rocks, and the impact of resource harvesting. Log in to read the full review.